Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow and safe havens

Another snow day—what an exciting week. Today there’s actually enough snow for playing—awesome for the kids.

The snowstorm hit last night—everyone donned clothes still drying from Monday and gathered up the sleds. My kids and their friends trekked to a nearby hill for a few runs before bedtime. Not the safest time to sled, but the snow was coming down fast and furious--we didn’t know if it would last.

When the phone rang at 6 a.m., I knew it had not only lasted, but the kids would be home to enjoy it. They left the house at 8:30, sleds in tow, bundled to the hilt. They’ll be home to change and refuel soon—playing in Oregon snow is like playing in firm rain…there’s nothing dry, light or fluffy about it.

I’m thinking about my mom this morning—she had knee replacement surgery yesterday. However, I think the surgery was less traumatic than her reaction to the pre-surgery drug cocktail. She was ill before the surgery and ill for hours afterward—not something she’d anticipated. I actually haven’t spoken with her yet, but my dad’s keeping me posted. I think he’s as traumatized as my mom, and I know he hates leaving the hospital for an empty house.

They’ve been married almost 50 years, and my dad is rarely home without my mom. She’s always there, steady…calm…strong. She’s a quiet, generous woman--my entire family counts on her. I’m actually surprised she’s not undergoing shoulder or back surgery—she’s carried us all through so many trials and tribulations.

She’s gotten a little feisty in recent years—I actually caught her rolling her eyes recently—which makes my brothers and me laugh. But after being “the rock” for so many people, for so many years, it’s about time she tried out feisty :)

I love you, Mom.

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The Marathon Man said...

That was very loving and warm. She is one of the kindest people I have known.