Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ding Dong

I hear doorbells in my sleep. This phenomenon began during my second pregnancy, and I've determined it's a warning signal from my brain.

The first few times it happened, I woke from a sound sleep, stumbled to the door and was baffled by the empty porch. I thought kids were goofing around, until I realized it was mid-day and they were still in school. I was pregnant--naps are expected.

By the third time it happened, I decided I was going crazy or pregnancy had altered my brain. However, the doorbell continued ringing, even after my son was born. Not as often, but enough to make me doubt the firing accuracy of my synapses.

After my son's birth, I had a few tachycardia episodes and almost passed out one day--the doctor said my body was adjusting to hormones. The problem has continued for years, so I'd say I'm definitely hormonal--I think my husband would agree.

Years later, I had increasing problems with irregular heartbeat and began waking to the doorbell again on a regular basis. I finally put two and two together. I believe my body rings the doorbell when I need to wake up, breathe and tell my heart to beat normally.

Am I alone in this phenomenon??

The most amazing aspect though? The doorbell tone always matches the house I currently live in.

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