Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pizza/Movie Night

Friday night is pizza/movie night at our house. Last night was the first time in two years we enjoyed this event, but if you ask my children what’s special about Friday nights, they’ll tell you it’s pizza/movie night.

Somehow that fact always brings tears to my eyes. My independent, bright, challenging, amazing children, who think they know more than I do with each passing year, hang onto a ritual that means family to all of us.

Last night we watched “Peaceful Warrior,” a very powerful, uplifting movie. I saw it last year when it first came out, and repeat one of the phrases to myself whenever I struggle with life.

My children loved the movie too and were still discussing it this morning—they truly understood the underlying meaning. I enjoyed a profound, what-an-amazing-parent-I-am moment, then life blew by me as usual.

I wrote down more phrases last night and thought I’d share them. Viewing the movie might clarify them, but I think they stand alone.

“The trash (in your mind) is the only thing keeping you from the only thing that matters…this moment…here…now.”

“There’s never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments.”

“Where are you?
What time is it?
What are you?
This moment.”

Life may have a life of its own, but Friday night will always be pizza/movie night at our house.

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