Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow day!

I woke to my phone ringing at 6 a.m.—no school today. The rain has been annoying but not flood-stage quantity. That left only snow…finally!

I jumped out of bed and peaked through the blinds—the world glittered and shimmered under a hefty inch of snow. I shook my head and smiled…only Oregonians cancel school because Mother Nature coughs on her way by.

My children concur with the school district though—this is a monumental event. Hats, gloves, and snow pants surfaced, covered with dust. I heard things crashing in the garage a minute ago--I think the sleds are emerging too.

It’s a race against time now…the sun is shining, the snow disappearing. My son just poked his head in the front door…everyone’s heading to the high school…it’s a half mile west and uphill--surely there must be 1 ¼” of snow there.

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Anonymous said...

We had a new 8 inches on top of the previous six! Still schools were open. They are using snow plows, front loaders and backhoes to move all of the snow- burms are being created everywhere. The kids did say that some buses didn't make it- but school marched on anyway. Now- the wind is blowing and snow is falling again- better get out the shovel, again!