Monday, February 25, 2008

A small car, three children, too many errands

J: Do you know what ink-dye emulsion is?
Me: I have no idea, can you look that up on the Internet?
M: Mom, they have Webkins in the party store! They’re everywhere now.
Me: That’s great, Honey.
A: How come I had such a hard time sleeping last night?
Me: I forgot to turn the heater off--the house got too hot.
J: Why do you have weird dreams when you’re too hot?
Me: Maybe because you’re so uncomfortable?
A: When do I have a dental appointment this week, Mom?
Me: Mmmm, Thursday, I think.
J: When’s my appointment?

Me: Yours is tomorrow.
A: Isn’t soccer practice tomorrow?
Me: Mmhmm, I’m not sure how we’ll work that out.
M: Can R. come over for a play date on Wednesday?
Me: Can I think about that tomorrow?
J: The photo printers are called dry printers, but dye emulsion sounds like you use chemicals. What do you think?
Me: Honey, I know nothing about photo printing—you’re the one who tells me which buttons to push on my camera.
A: Mom, what’s a squab?
Me: I’m not sure…maybe a bird?
M: Can we play 24 when we get home?
Me: I can’t tonight--I have to cut out letter Ds and finish my book order. Maybe you guys can play together?
J: The photo kiosk was really annoying. I grouped all my photos by size, but the program mixed them together.
Me: I can relate to your frustration--isn’t it great that your dad will be back on Friday?!

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