Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alpha Males

There are two bull elk in my kitchen vying for dominance and male supremacy. Their bugling and head butting is driving me crazy, but they seem to get a certain enjoyment from their sparring.

That’s not always the case, sometimes they end in a stand-off…exhausted and angry. Sometimes one of them establishes dominance, and the other bellows in frustration and defeat.

I’ve called animal control, there’s nothing they can do. The State Dept. of Wildlife actually laughed—I fail to see the humor. Local wineries have noise makers that sound like shot guns to scare birds—my next step is to search online for a similar device. Either that or frequent the tasting rooms—either way, my problem diminishes temporarily.

In the meantime, I’ll keep the study door closed, catch up on my writing, and wait for my husband and oldest son to reach an impasse…it’s so nice to have my husband home for a week and life back to normal…sigh…sigh… :)

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