Friday, April 4, 2008

Is enough ever truly enough?

I watched I Am Legend last night…definitely food for thought. So many Sci-Fi shows from childhood have become reality. The writers were definitely visionaries, viewing human trends, extrapolating their inevitable outcomes.

I’m pretty sure we humans are capable of almost anything we decide to discover, change or conquer. My question is…why is that necessarily a good thing? When do we enjoy what we have without the desire for more? Ok, that was two questions but they’re inevitably intertwined.

Humans have spent millennia exploring, seeking, irrevocably altering the world, yet few people are satisfied. We’re constantly inventing items to make life easier, faster, more interesting.

We strive to eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses…they just as purposefully mutate and strive for survival. We’d rather take medicine for health issues than exercise and eat properly. In fact, we pay to exercise and have a hard time fitting it into our busy, sedentary lives. I stand corrected…our fingers get a daily keyboard workout—mine are quite shapely.

We live healthier, longer lives than our grandparents, but we’re still searching for extended youth. Has anyone thought about world population, if we all refuse to die? The longer we live, the more generations are alive at one time, the more crowded the world becomes. And who decides when we’ve lived long enough? Doesn’t that sound like a familiar Sci-Fi movie??

And, if we decide to populate other planets with our overpopulation, has anyone thought about those complications? We’re in constant war with microbes on Earth, and we evolved with them. Our bodies have absolutely no genetic link to whatever microbes are called on other planets. Are there perks to spending life in a bubble or space suit? Procreation would definitely happen on a whole new level...

Maybe in our constant drive toward a “better” future, we overlook the subtle nuances, beauty and joy of the present. If we slow down, we might realize how much we already have. We might notice the details, sights, smells, feelings of our lives...we might find that enough is richer than more.

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The Marathon Man said...

Wow, I couldn't have had a better conversation in my head. Not only did it flow well, but it flowed in the same way it would have if I had been thinking it, cepin your grammer's better.