Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two many eggs in my basket

I just put a quiche in the oven, which sounds very domestic. I feel very domestic today. I’ve been prepping my house for carpet cleaning in the a.m. Everything liftable is on a higher plane, the cleaning company will have to work around the big stuff.

During my domestic rampage, I discovered a benefit to moving every few years…purging excess stuff. I’m stunned by how much we’ve collected during the past seven years…I’m a minimalist at heart, my children are not. I think I need a good, liberating, household purge, but I’ll have to wait until my kids are otherwise occupied. Maybe I can find somewhere for them to go one day next week…hmmm

My brother and I recently discussed another moving benefit…memory retention. We have excellent childhood memories—each one relates to a specific house during a specific time period. My adult life was the same way…until seven years ago. Now time runs together—it’s a strange, uncomfortable feeling.

Speaking of which, the timer just went off, my quiche is still raw…somehow I turned the oven off when I put the quiche in…sigh… Maybe I need to work on this domestic thing—I seem to be out of practice. I’m probably just overwhelmed by all the accumulated stuff I can’t remember when or why we bought...did I already sigh? Why, yes, I did--it's right there in print--I don't even have to tap my memory banks :)

Peace out…

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