Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finding Light

I spent Sunday and Monday with a friend who’s undergoing major changes in her life. Changes taking her directions she’s never traveled.

Watching her discover new ideologies regarding the universe made me realize that every second holds the possibility of change. Mild change, life-altering change…either way, our paths veer another direction. The direction might be visible to ourselves alone or affect everyone around us.

Most paths are guided by a sense of purpose...a search for meaning. Like, why the heck am I here, or what should I have for lunch?

There are different venues for enacting this search-- religion, science, nature, astrology, doctrines combining the aforementioned. Each has merit for someone, and everyone has the right to their own beliefs. Most lead to a source of illumination or enlightenment, although the wattage depends on individual understanding.

Basically, what happens in life affects you—how you let it guide you, makes you who you are. Negative events happen, which has so much less impact than s..t happens, but you get my point. My children read my blog—I have to maintain a modicum of decorum. Either bad things control you or you control them…by learning, changing and moving forward.

Events aren’t isolated either. Our actions, choices, decisions have ripple effects, altering the world we move through. Understanding that, viewing ourselves from a perspective other than our own, and taking responsibility for our ripples is a huge part of enlightenment.

What it comes down to is this…we’re all interconnected—with each other and the earth. When you respect and understand that, I’m pretty sure enlightenment isn’t far off…

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