Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recipe for life

My coffee is wonderful this morning; no one else is up, including the menagerie…my favorite time of day…

M. taught me a valuable lesson yesterday. She doesn’t like grilled-cheese sandwiches, she avoids quesadillas, but layer grated cheddar on whole-wheat bread, zap it in the microwave, top it with salsa, and voilà, lunch is served!

Once my bewilderment passed, I realized the importance of “ingredient” rearranging. It keeps life interesting—throw things together in a different way and feelings, perceptions, sensations change.

I thought about the things I enjoy least versus those I love but don’t have time for. I need to walk regularly, I love in-depth conversations, I rarely have time with friends. Throw all that together for 45 minutes and walking becomes one of my favorite activities.

How is it possible that a 10-year-old knows more about life than I do? She lives in the moment—I’ve forgotten how to do that. Satisfaction is everything at her age; she knows exactly what makes her happy.

I should pick up on these life-reminders more often--spending most of my time with children--but my adult “blinders” fit well… I cringe when I think of how many times I’ve struggled with an issue, viewing it unidirectionally, then watched someone else solve the problem from another angle.

“Why didn’t I think of that??” is my catch-phrase during moments of enlightened frustration. There are other phrases, but they’re not aesthetically acceptable.

So, today’s plan? Digress from adult narrow-mindedness; live in the moment once in a while. I think I’ll have nuked cheese bread for lunch too.


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