Friday, July 11, 2008

Slices of life

  • M. has “walking pneumonia” and can’t seem to shake it—she has another appointment today. Try telling the Energizer Bunny to kick back and relax... I totally sympathize with her frustration regarding inactivity…believe me, I share the same frustration—there’s a definite trickle-down effect when your children are dissatisfied with life…
  • Very good friends from the Four Corners were here—they own Shania’s sister and two of our “pups” siblings. We enjoyed a wonderful evening reminiscing, catching up and emotionally bonding—continuing those activities while rebuilding their rental-home deck during the week. They’re back in the Four Corners today, after a 22-hour drive…life’s a little emptier than it was Wednesday.

  • I’m used to being the leaver, not the leavee—the computer hates when I take English-language liberties :) During the years I’ve lived here, two sets of close friends have moved away—that’s never happened to me before. How egocentric, assuming that when I settled in one area, life wouldn't change!

  • C. brought me an amazing gift from her property…a piece of history that raised goose bumps the instant I held it. You know my feelings about time and the past—the link I felt was instantaneous and powerful. To say I treasure this gift is an understatement.
  • J. returned from his Greece trip on the 5th. It was a fabulous, unforgettable experience, and he definitely came home more independent. He’s struggling to find his new role in our family—his dad's struggling just as hard against it. I don’t quite get the man thing…I don’t understand competing with your child. Is it nature’s way of ensuring kids leave home? It definitely works—I think J’s more excited about college by the day…
  • Have I mentioned my Curves membership? I don’t believe I have…let me fill you in. I’ve never belonged to a gym before, preferring outdoor activities—plus, it seems counterproductive to pay for exercise. Oregon weather has a way of wearing a person down though…I joined Curves last month. It’s for women only—I love that. There’s nothing more liberating than sweating profusely without a second thought to appearance. I get my daily dose of local gossip too—it’s kind of like attending a giant, group haircut.
  • My brother arrives tomorrow. Check out the link to his blog in the left-hand column, and you’ll see why I love spending time with him.
  • All in is just life, sliced up into days of the week.

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