Saturday, October 4, 2008


My first fall cold is fighting for dominance, an annual milestone. I’ve mentally held it off—i.e. no free time to nurse my body. There was a definite shift last night though. My lymphocytes know it’s the weekend and my turn to kick some virus booty. So, I slept in till 8 a.m., made a large pot of coffee and am enjoying the peace of writing.

One of the "joys" of teaching preschool is working more unpaid hours than paid, especially as the year begins. I’ve hardly seen my family during the past four weeks, and my house has reached a new level of disarray. Which leads to this weekend’s plan…find a comfortable balance between job and family…heavier on the family side.

You know I’ve also ignored my blog—I’m throwing that back into the balance too. Speaking of throwing, a student head-butted me this week—another first in my preschool repertoire. My right ear looks like a wrestling injury, and my hearing went into tunnel mode for about five minutes. Man preschool’s a tough gig.

Time to throw it into soccer mode and cheer my daughter from the side lines. A’s game took place during the pouring rain last night—Mother Nature let it all hang out. She’s mellowed this a.m.--M. may actually escape mud free.

Carpe dium :)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You were missed, hope the cold doesn't get the better of you. Watch those head butters!! We had rain Sat and Sun- unusual soaking rain not a downpour. Running with A and M and mayv=be C in a 10K at Newspaper Rock...ugg slow and steady is my motto C UT