Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lolly Pops and Lessons Learned

Tough day on the soccer field… M’s team was undefeated when they woke up. Let’s just say they went through a character-building experience today. I’m not sure they appreciate their new character yet, but they will...

They aced the fall season, boosting their team into a new division. They’re in a playoff tournament this weekend facing very tough teams. It’s hard to lose, it’s even harder to come back the next day without negative baggage from the first.

Most of the girls walked off the field disappointed but not beaten—I was impressed by their inner strength. They’ll grow as a team and as individuals this weekend, whether they’d planned to or not. Tomorrow’s another day…someone wins, someone loses, the earth keeps spinning.

Now, if only the adults would behave with the same dignity… The team manager purchased a bag of lolly pops between games and gave each parent one. The idea being to fill mouths with suckers rather than angry words toward the Refs.

I applaud her diplomacy—she offered my husband more than one… At half time, she realized she should have bought a bigger bag…

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