Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas crash

I’m contemplating pecan pie for breakfast. The recipe called for four eggs and over a cup of pecans…I’m sure those negate the effects of corn syrup and brown sugar. Plus, if I chose pancakes, which contain less eggs and no nutritious pecans, syrup would be added, so really I’m just contemplating a protein-laden pancake. Ok then, anything you want me to make guilt-free for you today? This is kind of like Six Ways to Kevin Bacon on a nutritional level.

Speaking of nutrition or lack thereof, my coffee tastes amazing. I measured the same, so there’s no logical explanation, other than it’s the first day in weeks I don’t have an impossible agenda stretched before me. I think I’m actually tasting rather than inhaling…hmmm…somehow I feel I just incriminated myself for something.

I’m definitely running on fumes this a.m., the inevitable Christmas crash. The last of my adrenaline disappeared during Christmas dinner, along with some pretty tasty prime rib. Even the kids are subdued, the feverish pre-present excitement long gone… It’s a good feeling though, a satisfied feeling…another holiday crush survived, endured, enjoyed.

In many ways, we simplified this year and talked with our children often about family, giving, reaching out to others. I’m not sure they listened intently, but they heard us and are subconsciously refining their characters…really, I’m pretty sure that’s happening.

Making the world a better place just boils down to responsibility, and we all need to claim some. We are how we live--our hearts are as big as we let them be. And now, I’m going to enjoy some protein-laden pie and the rest of my amazing coffee…

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Anonymous said...

Pie for B fast- why not I say, I am with you on the validation of it's nutritionsl vslue!

We had a mellower Xmas too. Our world (personal and not) is too unstable right now. Still I think they are getting the right message. We have a calm and even helpful house right now- lets ring in the new year! Snow to you C-UT