Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vista vs. Reverie

I have a lap top now—it was supposed to streamline my life…

I’m computer competent, not to be confused with computer savvy. But word processing is my forte, and I spent weeks making sense of Word 2007. Suffice it to say, it's no longer on my lap top…I’ve returned to its predecessor. Obviously, computer programmers succumb to the Peter Principle as well.

I was also warned about Windows Vista and its excessive security measures. J.—an Apple fan—was extremely disappointed in my lap top choice. He enjoys the little phrase, “I told you so,” more often than I find amusing.

While annoying and sometimes far too personal, I’m adjusting to the computer's concern regarding my misguided efforts.

Scenario I:

Delete file

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing? You didn’t sleep well last night, what if your synapses aren’t firing properly?

There is nothing I need in this file, please delete it.

“What if, later today, you realize the brilliance of this file, thereby acknowledging my superiority while you live with the stupidity of your action?”

Fine…just leave the file where it is.

Scenario II:

Delete program

“This is a huge, huge step, and I hate to remind you, but you really don’t know that much about computers.”

I never use this program. Please delete it.

“Are you listening to me? Once this program is gone, you will never, I repeat never, get it back. You are playing with fire.”

I'm pretty sure I'll never use this program...yes, I definitely want to delete it.

“Is it PMS? You are completely illogical and emotional this morning. Drink some coffee, take ibuprofen and log back on when you’re making sense.”

Crap…what if I do need this program next month? Damn computer.

“I rest my case. This might also be construed as a pun, because I’m actually resting in a case.”

You do realize I have an opposable thumb and can pull your battery at will?

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Anonymous said...

Those of us with Macs don't have to worry about worms and we have more time for Bunco.