Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free time at last...

I’ve started many blogs during the past few months, but every time I have a few minutes of peace, I’m thrown a curve ball. And, although I played softball for two years in high school, I was never good at it. My dad taught me to look good striking out…I made him proud every time I went up to bat.

So, this morning, no one else is up yet—I’m determined to post a little something. Whether it has actual meaning matters less than the fact that I just want to put words on paper. Hmmm…transfer thoughts to fingertips to electronic numerical sequences sounds so less creative than “put words on paper”… That's why I love libraries. The smell, touch, feel of books is as important to me as the meanings they convey.

My classes ended last week, and I found out I’m transferring to a new site in the fall. My hours will be better, and I’ll no longer share a room with another program whose illogical policies drive me crazy, but saying good-bye to my present families was very hard.

Many are returning for their second year in September and were counting on my presence. Not that the person replacing me won’t be a good teacher, because I’m sure she will, but I invested a lot of time and emotion helping those children learn to love school—everyone of them has a piece of my heart.

M and her friend Emily, who spent the night, just stumbled into the dining room asking if breakfast is ready. Do I look like a short order cook?? They want homemade cinnamon rolls…sigh…another curve ball. I’ll be back… My cinnamon rolls are awesome—I’ll include the recipe later.


Anonymous said...

Free time, what's that?

Anonymous said...

Man.... we are not out till the 24th!!! ugh! want to see you :o)K