Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parenting Angst

What a day. Lots of emotional growth for me—I think I survived it.

M. attended her first dance—I know, can you believe it?? She texted me on the way home: “The dance was awesome!” I smiled…then felt a slight tug on my heart. My baby, the one who was crawling yesterday…yes, I’m sure it was yesterday…was texting about her first encounter with boys in a setting that encouraged actual physical contact—who’s the wise guy who invented slow dancing anyway?

Lucky for me that M. thinks 6th grade is too young for a boy friend. She’s quite comfortable hanging out with her soccer buddies and dancing group-style with her friends. I’d like to take credit for her sensible thoughts, but she’s a sensible girl all on her own. Remind me of that two years from now, when I’m pulling my hair out with worry…

A. put me through the wringer too. Tonight, it was my turn to provide dinner for his high-school soccer team--not a simple task. There are 15 players plus the coach, and they’re all abnormally hungry--human growth hormone is incredibly demanding. I’d planned something simple and casserole-like, which seemed reasonable and cost effective.

Last week, A. started asking what I planned to cook. At first, I thought he was making conversation, which was thrilling in its own right. By the third time he asked, I realized there was more at stake—this meal affected his status on the team…at least in his eyes.

Sooooo that was it, a casserole was out and something amazing was in. A. loves pasta, especially if it’s encased in white sauce. Therefore, I spent the past few days finding the perfect recipe on line, which I recreated for his team today.

By the time I left for A’s high school, every pot I owned was dirty; my kitchen floor was covered with chopped onions, pressed garlic and bits of Italian sausage; and I’d burned almost every finger on my right hand. But, and this is a huge, huge BUT…the meal was awesome--A’s smile of relief made my heart hurt.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and an incredibly difficult day. I would relive it in a minute—I’m crazy in love with my kids....


Anonymous said...

Wish I had been there to help out.. or at least drink some wine with you after :o) Miss you.... K

Reverie said...

Me too my too :)