Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coffee shop computer woes

I’m in my favorite coffee place, waiting for M to finish hip hop class. This is normally one of my favorite nights of the week. I pick up M immediately after work, drop her at dance and come here, where I order a black, iced tea and relax for the first time all day. I normally check Face Book and see what’s up with friends and family…this is actually a big deal, because I have no time for FB during the rest of the week.

So, here I am…iced tea by my side, computer up and running, a gifted stranger playing the piano, and…no Internet connection. This happens periodically at my favorite coffee place, which is frustrating and leads me to believe that I may have chosen the wrong favorite coffee place.

Another customer approached me when he could see that I was contemplating tossing my computer on the floor and stomping on it for a few minutes. He was equally frustrated and had already complained to management.  He'd also been trying for 2 hours to connect, so I’m thinking that he either has the patience of a saint or has nowhere else to go.

He’s now playing cards with some other patrons and showing no signs of stomping on his computer. I could offer to do it for him…I would certainly feel better, and my own computer would be intact for future use.

If I’d been gifted with computer genes, I’d know exactly how to solve this issue. If the employees here had been gifted with computer genes, not only would they solve my problem, they’d be working for Steve Jobs, which would mean there still would be no one here to help me.

I have my own computer-genius son, but he’s probably tired of solving my computer issues, plus he finds far too much humor in them. I know my actions become fodder for his workplace story mill. I’ve made it a point to never ask for a tour of his office…a person can only take so much humiliation.

So, here I am…no connection…20 years ago, this would have been a nonissue…life was simpler then.

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Tournesol said...

So funny, I know what you mean, I've had to restrain myself from throwing my laptop at the wall a few times.
Yesterday connectivity in the house was really bad, little son was trying to do a science project and connection was soooo slow making me crazy. We get kinda spoiled though, I realized it was actually alot faster than the first computers and the dial up we used to have!