Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pieces of life

I grew up listening to my dad talk about how life would be better when...  When we moved to a new location, when he retired, when he discovered his dream job...  I left home believing there was a perfect situation in life that would make me happy...I just had to find it.

I've since discovered the truth...life is a series of challenges.  Some big, some small, some rewarding, some heartbreaking.  Each contributes to personal growth and change, and they are never ending.

Especially when you have children.  Part of your challenges are due to their challenges, and sometimes the weight on your heart is crushing.  Letting them navigate the tough times is part of your job and contributes to their growth and character, but oftentimes...there is no greater challenge.

I've learned through the years to break life into pieces, just like I approached finals week and term projects in college.  Tackling one piece at a time makes the whole manageable.  I've found that although there isn't always a neat solution, there is always a way to cope.

And I guess that's the key, recognizing that you can get through things, no matter how insurmountable they seem.  Knowing and trusting that time will make you stronger.

These thoughts are on my mind, because I have friends facing very difficult challenges.  I can't offer solutions, but I can be a sounding board and a reminder to face things piece by piece. I know that I could be in their shoes at any moment, which makes me poignantly aware of the sweetness in my life right now.

I like the phrase "seize the day," because the arbitrary moment "when," like the elusive pot of gold, keeps your focus on the unattainable, rather than the colorful layers right before your eyes.  Life is this moment, and sixty seconds from now, it will be that moment...take it one piece at a time.

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Tournesol said...

Such a timely post I've really been trying to live in the moment I'm in, make the most of it. I've recently been living in the past a lot, mainly regarding my children, missing their babyhood and honestly, grieving over it to an extend. Older child not doing what I think he should do, worrying about what could happen. I have to remind myself that moments and memories slip away today while I'm doing that. I hope things will be manageable for your friends.