Friday, March 24, 2006

Today is our future...

I'm tired this morning and my coffee has yet to kick in--this post may be a little disjointed... I received an e-mail this a.m. regarding global warming ads--they're powerful and worth watching. Following, is the website address:

Everyone has their own views regarding this subject. Mine are science-based--I have no doubt that our children's future is in danger if worldwide changes don't occur soon.

Not to generalize, but humans tend to deal with crises as they occur, rather than circumventing them. Are we too busy to think beyond today...this week...this month? Or do selfishness and immediate gratification take precedence over future needs? I know there are myriad other reasons people justify resisting change--change is hard for me too.

Around the world, bias keeps people in various states of conflict. That conflict is often all-consuming, to the detriment of families, states, countries, and cultures, depending on the conflict... What I find intriguing, is that when we alter the earth to the point of worldwide--possibly irreparable--damage, we'll no longer be individual populations fighting local issues. We'll be one species, dealing with a crisis that will require world effort to solve...

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