Thursday, March 9, 2006

The winding road

My Americano is almost gone, --a little late in the day for coffee, but it's been that kind of day. I woke up to snow this a.m.--huge, floating crystals of beauty that have continued off and on all day. We've been waiting all winter for snow--with the spring solstice almost upon us, it's finally arrived.

I savored my coffee this morning, watching the snow flakes gently settle on the trees and lawn...some melting, some remaining crystalline. The day seemed magical and carefree--I felt light-hearted when I went to work.

My coworkers/friends greeted me in the same mood--it's been a while since we've laughed so much. Midway through the morning, the phone rang, and within a moment, everything had changed. One of my friends found out that her mother has breast cancer, and she was devastated by the news. There was nothing that I could do but hug her and offer my support. She left to be with her family, and I was struck by how suddenly our laughter had turned to tears...

Life is a constant barrage of emotion... although not always so poignantly clear as this morning. Our moods and thoughts are shifting and changing moment to moment, depending on where we are, who we're with, what we're doing and yes, even due to the weather... How we handle the changes defines who we are and the path our life follows. I guess we should start each day appreciating what we have and prepared for the curves ahead...

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