Monday, February 11, 2008

Celebrating Tween-hood

My daughter is officially a tween today. I lay awake early this morning thinking about her birth and what an amazing gift she is. She fought being born, entering the world with fire and strength. I love those qualities, although they almost made me beg for a caesarean :).

She’s poetry in motion on the soccer field, instinctively becoming one with the ball—a talent she received from her father. She fills notebooks with her stories and drawings—I’m awed by her creativity.

When she’s not terrorizing her brothers, she makes them laugh, hanging on them with affection. Sometimes I walk into the family room and they’re all sitting side by side, watching TV, leaning against one another. I memorize every nuance of those moments, holding them in my heart.

I love this amazing young woman. She will always be my baby, but I’m honored to watch her grow up and take on the world.

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The Marathon Man said...

She is lucky to have you to appreciate her.