Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Embracing positive pressure

I’m a person who writes because things strike me. Not literally, or I’d be incredibly bruised, as well as creative. That’s why I love my blog—I write what I feel, when I feel it. Again, not literally, or I’d be in the hospital. Although, if women apply mascara while driving, why can’t I type? It’s not like I have to look at the keys…

Last Wednesday, my writing instructor told us to write a five-page, short story, due this week. She also said, “No pressure.” This may surprise you, but I’m not a no-pressure type of gal. I’m an oldest child, responsibility and pressure are genetically embedded. I left class mentally weighted down and was two inches shorter when I arrived home.

So, why am I taking a structured class, you ask? Actually, I’m wondering that too…kidding, Sara (that’s my instructor, she has a wonderful sense of humor). I’ve learned more from Sara than I did in college writing classes. I guess I can handle a little pressure this week.

As it turns out, a story is coming to me in bits and pieces. It began as chunks of dialog, which I thought was interesting. I might not have five pages by tomorrow, but I can walk into class respectably.

When it comes down to it, I’d rather be responsible than not, and pressure often produces great results. The important thing is to recognize positive versus negative pressure—that ability alluded me for years...

Positive pressure has a viable, satisfying solution. Negative pressure just eats you alive—I can do without that… I’ve learned to say “no” over the years, recognize my time limits and not feel guilty when I can’t do everything asked of me. My life is still crazy busy, but it’s also crazy satisfying.

Even the beasts are helpful. We have a 15 ft. wide x 3 ft deep pool that we meant to sell months ago. Yesterday, the beasts took matters into their own hands-they chewed up the pool liner. It was neatly rolled up and placed "out of reach"… It’s also huge and heavy, but so are the beasts. They dragged it down and created a very large snowflake.

When I recovered from shock, I appreciated their artistry--they are so talented. I also felt relieved that the pool issue had been resolved. I'm sure my husband will agree, when he returns from his business trip...

I’d love to write more, but I’m off to finish dinner, make pink play dough & Valentines and fold laundry. If I get that done, I can watch House--guilt free--while I sort through a week’s worth of mail.


The Marathon Man said...

your life is a joy to read about, and it has a very positive feel to it.

Anonymous said...

What !!!?
Pool that u have been meaning to sell for months! I think you might be in one of those time space continum situations, years would be more accurate! I would expect a correction in tomorrows blog ~
Go beasts