Sunday, February 3, 2008

Love your breasts, save your life

Alright, Ladies, it’s time to take a good look at your breasts. And for men reading this—tell your wives the same. I know you look at their breasts, but do they?

Ladies, I don’t mean a quick glance in the mirror as you get out of the shower. Lock that bathroom door and become intimate with your breasts.

Stand in front of the mirror, raise your arms above your head, watch the changes in your breast tissue. Memorize the contours, skin and nipple colors. Do a physical breast exam, get to know the unique texture of your breast tissue, so you’ll recognize if it changes.

I couldn’t sleep last night and finally got up very early this morning. I had an overwhelming urge to write, but didn’t know why…then I checked my email. A friend sent this link and as I watched the content, I knew I was supposed to write about this today.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a rare, aggressive cancer—most women know nothing about it. I knew nothing about it. You have to know what you look like for this one--you have to trust your instincts about your body.

Symptoms of this cancer are usually not the distinctive lump that catches your attention. More common symptoms are redness, swelling and a feeling of warmth. Skin can also look reddish, bruised and dimpled.

So watch the video included with the above link. Remember that this is a rare cancer, but other breast cancers aren't. Love your body, check your breasts monthly—visually and physically. You’re someone’s mother, daughter, wife, friend—live long and prosper.

I'm off to check my breasts...

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Anonymous said...

OK OK I will check...not a fun thing to do as you know, but I will do more than a qucik mirror check. C