Saturday, February 9, 2008


I spent the day at a jazz festival with my 8th grade son, now I’m off to Ladies’ Night Out—life is good. My son’s jazz band plays well together, many of them have known each other since 2nd grade. We don’t know yet how they fared in the competition, but to my ears they were winners.

I drove my son and two other boys to and from the competition—always an enlightening experience. If you sit quietly and drive, kids seem to forget your presence, discussing subjects their own parents may never hear. I throw in comments once in a while, because sometimes I do have cool things to say, but mostly, I just listen.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to have strong relationships with my children—just a minute, I need to knock on wood a few hundred times…maybe I should get the hammer… I’ve enjoyed most of their friends immensely, and I haven’t learned anything too shocking while driving them to and from activities. Of course, I don't know what they're saying in other parents' cars...

I know my day is coming though—I think I’ll earn my share of grey hair during the next few years. What gives me hope is the solid launch platform we’ve provided—it may not keep our kids on the straight and narrow, but I think it will guide them more up than sideways…

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The Marathon Man said...

You did a wonderful job.
There may be some tough times, but they will definitely go more up.