Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blow Out

A semi, Jacob’s brake blaring, blew me off the road last night. That’s what I heard…that wasn’t reality. My right rear tire blew--after checking my side mirror multiple times, I realized there wasn't a semi next to me. That meant the noise emanated from my car—wow, what a concept.

I hadn’t had a flat tire in 20 years, my children had no idea what a flat entailed. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t sure what a flat entailed. I learned how to change a tire 30 years ago—thank you, Dad—but it’s one of those actions supported by practice and a flashlight…lack of both was a huge oversight on my part.

Luckily, when the unthinkable happened, we were talking to my husband via cell phone. He reassured me that we had roadside service…amazingly, I didn’t panic. Hanging up on my husband, I called our insurance company...20 minutes later, a very nice man changed my tire.

While the very nice man patiently worked on my car, the kids and I found Orion, Cassiopeia, the big dipper. Then my daughter realized the flashing tow truck lights made her shadow jump around on the hillside behind her. She went into 70’s disco mode—we laughed hysterically. Soon, all three kids were roadside jiving, their shadows jumping crazily across the embankment.

I happened to notice a kid in a nearby house watching from his bedroom window. My trio began waving and making bizarre movements in the lights. The anonymous viewer kept his calm, much to my daughter’s disappointment. “Ok, that kid is not freaked out enough. We need to scare him a little more!”

More hysterical laughter and crazy movements—I’m sure the very nice man changing my tire couldn’t wait to be done. Keeping his distance, he told me my tires were in poor condition—I agreed to pass the buck to my husband. I told my trio to load up, and we headed for home—all in all, it was actually a nice ending to a great day…the universe continues to be mysterious and allusive….


Anonymous said...

Oh sure, hang up on me! :) Didn't tell me how much fun you guys had in the event!! New tires and rims are in FedEx!! C-YA.

The Marathon Man said...

Very nice, I feel as if I were there.