Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love her dearly but…

Such a simple, powerful phrase… I heard it for the first time a few years ago—I totally associate it with Oregon. Whether it’s a local verbal bullet or used throughout the state, I don’t know. Feel free to correct me if it enjoys multi-state usage. “I love you dearly Reverie, but you never get your facts straight.” Something along those lines, so as not to hurt my feelings :)

The women I work with toss this phrase out on a regular basis. I’m impressed by how dearly they love everyone, although I’ve yet to hear the phrase linked to a positive comment.

I find it humorous that it’s ok to criticize and pummel someone’s character if you love them dearly first. If I said “I hate Jane's cooking”, I’d sound mean and petty. But, check this out… “I love Jane dearly, but I hate her cooking.” Wow, what a difference! I actually sound benevolent—see how deftly I slipped that criticism in there?

In social gatherings, women rely heavily on the phrase, because they’re not sure who’s listening. Everyone loves everyone dearly and the gossip flies—you can’t be accused of talking behind someone’s back, because you publicly pledged love for them. Sometimes, the room actually vibrates from the love.

Honesty isn't always the best policy either...“Not too fond of Jane and her cooking stinks too.” Man that’s brutal…maybe it’s just better to keep some opinions to yourself, no matter how dearly you love the recipient…

And, for anyone named Jane who may be offended by this post...remember, I love you dearly :)

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