Friday, March 21, 2008

Raising kind women

I work in a woman-dominated industry, which creates an interesting dynamic. Gossip levels are high, cattiness is status quo. Women can be kind, but we often bring out the worst in each other! Throw in a male coworker or two and work environments mellow.

Most issues arise because everyone is sure their way is best. Some ways are better than others, but most ways have merit. And really, why does it matter?

I assumed bullying was boy-dominated, until I began teaching. In reality, a high percentage is carried out by girls, and it’s emotional rather than physical. Bruises heal, emotional scars often don’t…

Technology has provided new arenas…myspace, text messaging, furtive phone photos…emotional bullying on a level I can’t imagine. Spending days listening to gossiping adults, I realize how little girls’ behavior is reinforced by the women around them.

At a recent school meeting, parents voiced concerns regarding bullying among girls. After the meeting, I heard two women gossiping about another. One of them said, “I love Susie dearly, but…” I was thrown from the building for shaking the woman senseless. Kidding…

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Anonymous said...

so true, most of the bullying does come from the girls- of all ages! They have been so cruel to our girl and women are no better. Hang in there. C UT