Sunday, March 23, 2008

Refrigerator blues

I glared at my refrigerator this a.m.—it stared back, chuckling. We have a long-standing feud, this frig and I. It’s actually a good-looking piece of 16-year-old equipment and flaunts that freely.

Today, it’s enjoying my frustration over the pounds of ice coating the freezer. Yes, I’m still dealing with last weekend’s, spewing-water fiasco… The icicles are pretty in a stalactite way, but some of the door containers are filled to the brim with ice, encasing food products. When I melt the ice, everything wrapped in paper will be ruined. I’ve been postponing the thaw, hoping a solution will occur to me. No such luck…

We bought this frig in California, which may explain its cocky attitude. Everything worked great until we moved to Colorado 10 years ago. The frig resented moving to the Midwest…the ice maker quit working.

When we moved here three years later, the frig was annoyed by the constant rain and decided extra water was redundant…the water spout quit working. So, we make ice ourselves and use it to cool water from the tap…the frig chuckles every time.

Last year, I heard a strange noise in the kitchen—the kids heard it too. We tracked the noise to the freezer and stared in amazement at the working icemaker. The frig was toying with soon as we hooked up the water supply, the icemaker quit working.

A few months later, an unknowing guest placed his cup on the water button. Before I could tell him the water didn’t work, his glass magically filled. The frig was toying with us again…within a week, the water dried up.

Being simple-minded humans, we misjudged the frig’s humor and left the water supply on. Hence, the spewing water, damaged wood floor, and ice cave.

So, the frig wins again and continues to work well in every other way. Can I justify dumping a frig, just because it toys with my mind? I’d like to think we have the power to send it to Frig Heaven whenever we choose, but I know better than to touch that plug.

Time to slip on my crampons and grab an ice ax—if you don’t hear from me for a while, please have someone check my freezer :)


Anonymous said...

Well, at least I started off Monday with a laugh, since I'm in teh State that the frig started in. Just tell it, that if it doesn't shape up, we'll send it back on the next trip!! I also noted that at least you didn't blame me for working on the solenoids that quit working again, then leaving the water on! Thanks Hun!! Have a better week off with the kids! :) Love Darren

The Marathon Man said...

I feel so naive for offering my suggestions to fix the problem. I had no idea it was this complex. I get to laugh, but I hope your floor isn't too bad.