Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Internet Scams

Wow—I’ve learned a lot about email scams during the past few days. We listed an item on Craig’s List and have been hit with two different scams from three different email addresses. It’s a good, albeit sad, thing that I rarely trust people anymore, otherwise I’d be crying into my coffee.

I wonder what motivates people to scam others. Is it basic unkindness, lack of empathy, inability to care about others’ feelings? I picture Grinchy people with small hearts and possibly smaller brains, but that could be a misconception. Maybe they’re just misguided souls who need more daily hugs…I hope the sarcasm is clear…I’m very forgiving, but I do have my limits…

So, to all you thoughtless scammers…we will not accept rubber checks, we will not accept a fake money order, we will not pay a commission to a nonexistent agent who works for a nonexistent buyer, and if you're going to translate generic dishonest replies from language to language, chose a translater who knows every-day slang.

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