Sunday, April 27, 2008

Woohoo! Oh Yea!

My house is silent…do you know what that means?? It means there are no children here. Let me reiterate that…there are no children here. I’ve been uninterrupted for hours. HOURS, I tell you.

Unless you have children, you have no idea what a luxurious luxury that is. I love my children, deeply, wholeheartedly, beyond any depths of love I imagined possible….but I can’t help doing a little happy dance! I rarely have time alone, especially this many hours alone—my happy dance has moved to the table and counter tops. I can’t even be arrested for risqué behavior--there is no one here to report me…NO ONE!!

I’ve accomplished so much today. Projects have been finished, not left in limbo for weeks on end, but actually finished. I’ve exercised—remember, I’m jumping rope these days—and I’ve loaded and reloaded the dishwasher three times. Why do I own that many dishes…maybe I should break a few…

You’re probably wondering where my family is, or maybe you’re so excited for me that my family’s whereabouts are secondary. A had a soccer game and barbeque in a city far, far away. I’d planned to go, but when I woke up this a.m., dealt with various attitudes from various children, I realized there were more important things in life than soccer games. Like bundling all my children into the car with my husband and cheerily waving good-bye!

I’d feel guilty about my exuberance…except that I don’t!

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Anonymous said...

We all need (and deserve) days like this. It is amazing what you can get done. Just think of the trouble we could have found together! K :-)