Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grand central station

My pantry is almost empty…that wasn’t the case this morning. I’m fairly certain I’m not to blame...I’m starving.

This morning, I left for M’s soccer game with just M in the car…I returned with three girls, and by afternoon had a houseful of children.

Mathematicians would love my house—numbers of children defy logical theorems, the ratio of food supply vs. children defies normal consumption equations. Children eat their weight in snacks and are starving minutes later—I should have invested college funds in Kraft, General Mills or Pillsbury.

At one point this afternoon, a little girl walked in my front door saying, “I need a glass of milk.”
“Do I know you, sweetie?” Total bewilderment on my part…the child had no patience for my ineptitude.
“I need some milk!”

Well, I’m a responsible mom, I know the unwritten rule—never give out food to children you don’t know…their parents really hate that.

The little girl happened to share genetic bonds with one of M’s friends, so I gave up the milk, boxes of granola bars, a peck of apples and most of my crackers.

I’ll be hanging out at the grocery store tomorrow, restocking for the next line of attack.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that at our house one boy can out eat a pack of girls, two adults, one brother, two dog and a lamb. Chris :)