Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coincidence or something more?

I had a strange experience last week. I don’t answer my cell phone during class…unless it’s one of my children, in which case I worry there’s an emergency—it’s a mom thing. Anyway, when my phone rang last Monday, I didn’t recognize the number and let it go to message.

Listening later, I was surprised when the caller identified herself as E.B.—my middle and maiden names. Sorry about the initials, but for those who know me, you know my maiden name isn’t that common.

The caller was elderly and extremely upset regarding a car-accident/insurance issue—she left the message for April, an insurance company employee. You know my thoughts regarding overlapping time lines—for a second, I wondered if I was listening to future me. Ok, I was pretty sure it wasn’t future me, but it adds creative intrigue.

E.B.’s distraught tone prompted a call from me, explaining the phone-number mix up. There was some confusion on her part, causing some confusion on my part, but eventually we amicably parted ways.

Two days later, I received a message from her son, J.B….which happens to be my brother’s name. Strange, right?? J.B. was also angry with April—obviously it wasn’t a great week to be April. Hmmm…I hope it’s not my insurance company…that would be too many coincidences, causing serious consideration of the time-line, future-me possibility.

Returning J.B.’s call—reassured not to hear my brother’s voice—I enjoyed a pleasant, brief conversation. I’m not sure that came across right...I love talking with my brother, but not across time lines.

My week ended with another call from E.B. Realizing I wasn’t April, she apologized, promising to remove my number from her diatribe list. We cheerily said “good-bye,” and my phone’s been eerily silent for days.

I kind of miss the old gal and her son. I never even explained the same-name coincidences. I wonder if they’re doing ok, if they resolved their insurance issue, if they came into money and want to do lunch. We might even share genetic history, maybe mystic, genealogical events crossed our paths. Perhaps I should give them a quick call…who am I to ignore mystic events??

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The Marathon Man said...

what a great story, that is too bizarre.