Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Breakfast in bed, freshly brewed coffee, lovely cards and sentiments, everyone piled on my bed chatting happily…. It was a heart-warming 20 minutes—I treasure it every year.

Now I have laundry to launder, paperwork to finish, bathrooms to clean… My mom used to beg us to clean house rather than give her gifts. We were kids, with needs of our own, of course we always bought gifts! No child in her right mind chooses chores when she has other options.

Now I would give anything to say that just once I helped my mom productively on Mother’s Day. Someday, my kids will probably feel the same way and their kids after them…at least we all grow up caring in retrospect.

I mean really, who is Mother’s Day for aside from card companies and manufacturers? Every day is Mother’s Day in one respect or another…I’m a mother. My children constantly touch my heart in myriad ways, they are always a gift—although some days I’d prefer they were someone else’s gift :)

A true holiday for Mothers would honor their need for complete relaxation and a little “me” time. I think we should all boycott card companies, until they change the name to Mother’s Day Off at the Spa. If Spa owners were smart, they’d jump on this bandwagon, endorsing me as spokesperson—I’m highly motivated…and desperate.

I tried the “begging for extra help rather than gifts” routine again this year…I received a beautiful humming bird feeder from J. & A., wonderful drawings from M. Of course I love them, and breakfast in bed was almost like being at the spa…almost….


Steve said...

You might like my '2008 hummingbird nest documentary' on youtube.
I've lately turned to sculpting animals.
My profile pic is one of my mice.
If you don't mind (sorry for the intrusion), I'd love it if you could check out my animal bronzes.
If you like them, please show your friends!
I'm trying to get my work seen by a wider audience.
If not, thanks for looking.
There's some 'how it's made' stuff on my blog too,

Steve said...

Thanks for leaving such encouraging words on my blog.
I'm glad you like the videos too.
I'm pretty close to being done finishing a way smaller version (5 and a half inches tall) of the elephant thinker.
I want to make a car sized toad for the middle of a lake. Not that I have any particular lake in mind or anything.
We've got hummingbird hawk moths zipping about outside right now.