Saturday, May 10, 2008

Soccer...for love of the game?

Hey, I still exist, were you worried?? Crazy, busy week—some good things, some bad, some just weird.

Sunday and Monday, M. participated in competitive soccer tryouts. She’s only 10—I wasn’t ready for this step. She loves soccer, because she loves it…does that make sense? She’s had the same coaches since kindergarten—they’ve been amazing. Her love of the game has flourished along with her skills. She’s definitely competitive material—fast, aggressive, smart—but did I mention she’s only 10?

My gut feeling? Competitive sports should begin in middle school. By then, kids have chosen “their” sport. They’re mentally ready for rigorous training and mental/emotional pressure. I’m sure there are experts who agree and disagree with me…this is just my gut feeling.

In the coaching arena, bullying is still accepted—I see it constantly at A’s competitive games—name calling, humiliation. A’s coach started that way… When it didn’t work and parents called him on it, he said it was a technique taught in coaching classes. He was smart enough to find a better technique…his team excelled.

Winning is fun, exciting…but it isn’t everything. If players and teams can’t value their best, no matter the outcome, how can they love their sport? It seems logical that passion and skill fuel great players.

Back to my daughter…her coaches encouraged everyone to attend competitive tryouts--M. happily complied. Yesterday, she received an invitation from the competitive team. She’s excited and proud…I’m nervous and proud. I’ve heard the coach is great…I hope that’s true.

I guess my days of relaxing on the sidelines are over… Do you suppose they sell filtered sun glasses for soccer moms? You know, the ones that block your child’s physical and emotional pain. I could really use a pair of those :)


The Marathon Man said...

The door is open for many lessons for her here, but if she hadn't tried she wouldn't learn whatever it is that's ahead of her...I'm proud of her too.

As a side note, when you stare at the pattern on the edges of your site it gives the same 3-d effect as those posters they used to sell in the malls; no eagle hidden in it though.

Reverie said...

Great...there are probably hidden messages implanting in my daily thoughts. No wonder I keep dreaming about shopping!