Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lack of motivation

M. and I are the only ones up…the only human ones up. The Beasts are lazily watching birds in the backyard, the cats are frantically watching birds from within the house. Sedona dipped into the kitty roca before I could stop her…dogs and cat boxes, a disgusting combination. Although…it lessens the cleaning I have to do.

Speaking of which, the cleaning fairies didn’t come last night, what’s up with that? I think the laundry spontaneously multiplied overnight. Or A. sleep-cleaned his room—when he wakes up, I’ll check.

I have no motivation today…none, nada, zip. I’m tired of grey skies and wet weather…a little sunshine would go a long way right now.

I bet your lives are full of sun, glory and wonder. You probably don’t have kitty roca moments or 15 loads of laundry. You probably have children who clean up after themselves, while singing happy songs that encourage woodland creatures to fold laundry, make beds, sweep floors. You probably even have time to read books, enjoy a manicure, have coffee with a friend. Oh my gosh, you live in a movie—how fair is that??

Can I please come to your house...please??

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The Marathon Man said...

Summer is almost here. If I had furniture you would be more than welcome; you're more than welcome anyway, but I don't have furniture. I may have some soon but I don't want to jinx it. I hope you've had some nice days, I've missed reading about your life.