Friday, May 30, 2008

A little something about nothing...

Violet green swallows are swooping over my head, a V of Canada geese are flying by—this is so cool, I’m typing in my front yard. Oh, excuse me, word processing in my front yard—typing is so 1970s. Hmmm…that really dates me, lets just return to the awesome wildlife and the fact that I’m enjoying it while…boy, this is a vicious circle, time for a new topic.

Today, I said good-bye to my Pre-K students and their families…Tuesday, I said good-bye to my four-year-olds—it’s been a hard week. My students all have a place in my heart—I’ve known many of the families for five years.

Hearts, or our emotional vision of them, are infinitely expandable—I didn’t know that until I had children. Still, the depth of fondness I feel for my students every year amazes me. I hope all teachers feel that way, although, I admit it’s probably tougher when dealing with older students. Preschoolers still like adults—they think we’re cool. Mine actually think I’m funny and love my singing voice—what can I say, they’re too young to know better.

I’m not sure there’s a point to this post, other than the fact that I actually have time to sit still and think for an extended period. I feel like I’m noticing the world around me for the first time in weeks. My irises are blooming—this is a substantial event, the only time of year my front yard is colorful. As I soak in the color, ants are crawling around my feet, probably relatives of the group who infest my house…not liking that part so much.

Wow, sorry about the subject changes…try spending time inside my mind—I suggest caffeine or Geritol first.

My husband just joined me and is regaling me with tales of a coworker who tried to blow up “his” gopher this week—with a homemade pipe bomb, no less. Does the movie “Caddy Shack” come to mind? This guy’s tried everything—water, gas, poison, cayenne pepper—the gopher has a permanent stitch from excess laughter…so does my husband and his coworkers. They’re all rooting for the gopher—I’m on the same page. Any animal that smart deserves to live…as long as it’s not in my flower gardens...

Teenagers are walking by, they’re enjoying my irises—I didn’t know teenagers paid attention to flowers. I’m relieved they’re driven by more than hormones. I think I’m getting rummy, and I’ve yet to drink some rum. Time to head inside and spend time with my children.

May the force be with you…or whatever floats your boat—where do I come up with this antiquated phrases???

Ciao...tomorrow will be awesome...I can only go up from here :)


The Marathon Man said...

Even through the loss of your students, there is a definite sense of relief coming through in this post. Enjoy your summer.

Anonymous said...

I like the thoughts inside your mind- I agree with Marathon man- you sound so relaxed, enjoy your summer. Oh- I teach college age and older students and they too find a place in my heart, I am often sad to see them go.

Thanks for making me laugh today! See you soon, smaller versions there next week! C UT