Thursday, May 29, 2008

Staying afloat

Spiders float, right? If I poured coffee into a cup without noticing the spider, it would appear on the surface, right??

My cups hang on a mug tree…I chose the largest this morning—I’m fighting a cold and need lots of warmth and caffeine. Filling it to the top, inhaling the aroma (creative embellishment, I can’t actually smell anything), I noticed the spider web, steam adhering to the strands. Impatiently, I brushed it aside, eagerly savoring my first sip…

That’s when it hit me, spider webs are made by spiders…creatures with eight legs and distinctly menacing bodies. Grabbing a spoon, I frantically stirred my coffee, scanning the surface for arachnid body parts. Sure, I could have made another pot, but I was desperate for my first cup. Besides, I’d already had one drink, for all I knew, the little fella was inside me, adding to my daily protein count.

So, as I sit here, pondering the fate of an errant spider, ignoring the crawling sensations in my throat, I realize today is a good day to be human. I have a lot to do…fighting my demise in a cup of Joe would definitely crimp my plans. The food chain is a vicious cycle…although, the little guy could be alive in my kitchen, planning tomorrow’s revenge…

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