Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My actions, my choice

My life is complicated…when I let it be. Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes, especially when I’m tired, emotions get the better of me. I react without thinking and behave poorly.

So, this morning, I remind myself that there’s a difference between busy and complicated. Busy, while exhausting, is productive…a means to an end. Complicated is messy, tangled, usually self-caused and draining.

Every action and reaction involves a good friend reminded me last night. I was struggling with issues regarding a soccer coach from another club. A man who slapped his kindergarten daughter during her first season of soccer, because she wasn’t aggressive. My daughter and another player spent most of that game skipping down the field holding hands—you can see why I might lose perspective regarding this guy…

Last night, I promised to behave with dignity on the sidelines when our girls play the other team this summer…my friend promised to remind about my promise…that’s probably a good idea…

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