Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello--I'm back!

I’ve missed this…I’ve missed you… The past two weeks have been wonderful—good company, milestone events, multiple celebrations, but oh how I’ve missed writing. It’s a powerful outlet, a connection to life beyond my household.

J graduated high school last Thursday and A graduated 8th grade on Tuesday. I think M’s a little disappointed she didn’t graduate elementary school, but I’m sooooo ok with that. Knowing she’ll be a 5th grader in the fall is hard enough… The graduations were unforgettable—the boys graduated with honors, surrounded by good friends, great memories, parental tears…

I’ve spent the past few days cleaning and clearing my classroom. I’m moving to a new school in the fall and am simultaneously sad and excited. It’s hard to leave families I’ve known for years, families who’ve entrusted multiple children to my care. I’m sure my new location will be wonderful…nevertheless, it’s hard to say good-bye.

Today is for writing, sitting, relaxing…the sun is shining, birds are singing…I want to enjoy nature’s ambiance and let all the adrenaline fade from my system. I’ve been living on it the past few weeks—my heart needs a break.

It didn’t help that M tried to vacuum her left big toe Thursday—somehow, I failed to clarify that you never lift the vacuum when it’s on. Her toe is beat up and swollen—if there’s no improvement by Monday, I’ll request an x-ray. She wants to play soccer and has a big tournament in two weeks—I’d prefer she wasn’t playing on a broken toe…it’s a mom thing.

I met a nice highway patrolman on Tuesday—he pulled me over on my way to an appointment. He thought I had a tinted license-plate cover—mud has that effect in rainy weather. Asking what the heck he was talking about, we perused the back of my car. He decided the cover wasn’t tinted but somehow obscured clarity from a distance—I’m such a criminal... Multiple speeders flew by while we enjoyed this discussion, I had no idea license-plate covers were so controversial.

In the words of one speaker at J’s graduation, “This is the best day ever.” Enjoy!

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The Marathon Man said...

You definitely sound more relaxed. I had forgotten the peaceful aura that surrounds your posts and realize how much I missed it. Glad things went well and wish I could have been there too.