Friday, June 6, 2008

Memories of yesterday

Children grow up and leave home. That’s a logical statement, I’m a logical person…but not today. Today, I’m a mother whose oldest child graduates high school. Memories and feelings bombard me. I’m incredibly proud of my son and his accomplishments—I have no desire to hold him back from his amazing future…I just wish it hadn’t arrived overnight…

Yesterday, you were born,
Fighting against the odds,
Strong, determined.

Yesterday, you learned to walk,
Braving bumps and bruises,
persistent, triumphant.

Yesterday, you started kindergarten,
Waving eagerly good-bye,
Excited, independent.

Yesterday, you entered middle school,
Encountering strangers,
Scared, courageous.

Yesterday, you were a freshman,
Beginning high school,
Focused, decisive.

Yesterday, you were a senior,
Escorting a friend to prom,
Handsome, proud.

Today, tomorrow's yesterday,
you're facing the future,
Confident, accomplished.

I love you and am so impressed by everything you've achieved--Congratulations...yesterday, today and always...


Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to J. We wish him all of the best! He deserves it. You are such an awesome Mom! K- Snoqualmie

Anonymous said...

We're proud of him too! Tomorrow will only bring more memories for you to cherish.... C UT

The Marathon Man said...

This is nice; very pure, loving and positive. You're a wonderful mother and he will always know that, and will share his life with you.