Tuesday, June 24, 2008

July 4th...pre-date festivities

We had the pleasure of being jerked awake at 1 a.m., by teens sharing July 4th joy—no, I didn’t see them, but I’m pretty comfortable stereotyping this one…

Pre- and post-date fireworks happen every year--we love fireworks too and are tolerant regarding early-bird festivities. Why, this particular group even had the foresight to place their illegal, five-minute, mortar-firing, piercingly-loud device in the middle of our four-way intersection. This insightful act lessened the chance of any one house catching fire—who doesn’t appreciate behavior like that?

Fireworks stands aren’t open yet in Oregon, but stands in neighboring states with lenient laws must be. What is it about fire, noise and bright colors that provides so much fun and excitement? Maybe I don’t even want to know the answer to that question…

I haven’t watched our neighborhood fireworks display for two years, because I’ve been inside…comforting a 130 lb., frightened mastiff. Luckily, the pups aren’t bothered much, but Shania shakes like a leaf and can’t be alone.

Maybe I should get her some recreational drugs this year—I wonder what dogs on the street are using? More importantly, how do I recognize an undercover police dog? To be safe, I’ll take one of the cats along as a distraction. Sometimes, my cleverness even impresses me :)

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The Marathon Man said...

I lost my internet priveleges and just got them back. I am all caught up on your blog and enjoyed them all. The sock thing is pure genius. I'll be out there the weekend of the 13th of July. We'll have to get together.