Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Sidebar

Reading a favorite magazine, I encountered an article suggesting wedding gifts. I’m entering the wedding, gift-giver stage—friends’ children insist on growing up, getting married, having kids... When you’re 47 and have a 10-yr-old, it’s easy to forget how old you are…

What struck me regarding the article was how useless the gifts were! Remembering the kitchen items my husband and I returned years ago, and the fact that we've never missed them, really struck a chord. Kitchen gadgets are popular gifts, but let’s face it, only a handful are used regularly. I have tried-and-true, favorite cooking items—none of which I received as wedding gifts.

So, I’m adding a new sidebar to my blog, just because I can! The title will follow my whims—feel free to comment on my whimsicalness! Our first sojourn? Culinary gadgets, of course :)

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