Friday, September 5, 2008

Sticky Situations

My kids left for school and work this morning—I promptly stepped in a pile of strawberry jam. Luckily, I had sandals on—I really hate the feel of cold jam between my toes.

Grumbling about irresponsible children, I cleaned up the jam, threw away my paper towel and promptly stepped in a second pile. It wasn’t spatially far from the first—my bad for not looking more closely.

Ironically, I encountered more than one “sticky” situation today…obviously, my astrological framework is in a funk. This must be why people read and revere daily horoscopes.

On a high note, I put together a desk today—a three-drawer desk with computer-keyboard pullout. I admit, it took me three hours, 60 screws, and a 20-ounce, iced tea, but the end result was perfect—in part, due to a clever little gizmo called a “cam.” Don’t ask me to explain its function, I probably can’t.

At least my classroom now has an awesome, amazing desk—that should offset the issues between me and my room-share partner. I teach in the a.m., she teaches in the afternoon—we work for very different departments…yes, that’s a recipe for discontent…

Which leads me back to “sticky” situations. Between work and home, I think I’m in for my fair share this year. Personally, I don’t like sticky, it’s messy and frustrating, but that’s life, right?

Hmmmm……maybe I’ll toss out my sugar-laden, spreadable fruit and invest in lunch meat. Ciao or Chow depending on your frame of reference ☺

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