Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer's over

I, Reverie, grudgingly take thee Soccer
To be my partner
On week days and weekends
For debtedness or poorer
In rain and in mud
Til winter do us part.

School starts today…so does 7-days-per-week soccer immersion. The saddest part? Even though the calendar doesn’t agree, summer ended yesterday. There was no warning really, just a sudden chill, a subtle shifting of the elements. I needed a jacket at the fair last night—we’ve never needed jackets before. Sigh…

We always go to the fair on Labor Day, which some years coincides with my brother’s birthday. He executed a little happy dance yesterday, because I mailed his card on time. He’s also pretty sure it will never happen again, but he knows how much I love him :)

Being at the fair is kind of like being at my house…lots of people, lots of animals, a variety of entertainers. I love the draft horse pulls—unless owners push their horses too far—so I hang out in the horse barns part of the day. Draft horses are to equines as mastiffs are to dogs—I really want one. Our CC &Rs are quite clear regarding horses though, so my husband doesn’t worry too much that I’ll bring one home.

So, here I am this morning, daydreaming about the fair, hanging on to the last remnant of summer, before waking my children and facing a new school year. I’ve already taken A. to school…his first day of high school…I still can’t believe it. He also has a JV soccer game this afternoon, in another town, via school bus—another first for us.

I guess I’ve stalled long enough…my coffee cup is empty, the clock is ticking. Enjoy the day, and if summer’s still hanging out at your house, I definitely need to move that direction!

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Anonymous said...

Just watched T walking up the street to the bus for his first day of high school.... did we not just drop them off for Kindergarten?? I could have sworn that was yesterday. Back to work. soccer starts up again this weekend :-(
Sounds like we are all off to new adventures! K - WA