Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life in Oregon...

Yesterday, the sun shone over the Willamette valley and people rejoiced. Rays of golden light bathed their skin, spurring production of vitamin D and serotonin. The weight of winter depression slipped in layers from collective shoulders, hovering expectantly around ankles suddenly released from mental concrete.

Children rejoiced, running at full speed, whether in class or out. Laughter and happy screams echoed through the valley, suppressing winter moans, complaints and disgruntledness.

Parents shooed children outside and opened domicile windows, releasing accumulated bacteria and viruses. The earth released copious amounts of water to the air, and spongy lawns became soccer and football fields.

Neighbors smiled in sudden recognition, greeting each other for the first time in months. Hope was palpable, joy irrepressible.

Today, we woke up to rain.


Anonymous said...

Our forecast here says possibility of snow again!! - help me.... I am freezing :o) K

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh!